CloudFlare is a third-party service which provides free CDN, security and optimization for your websites on the internet.
Now we are going to learn how to setup your website in Cloudflare in your hosting account, firstly you would need to have an account with CloudFlare. Please make sure that your account is active and up-to-date before trying to attempt the following instructions for setting up Cloudflare with your hosting. The following tutorial will walk you through the how-to setup for Cloudflare.

Step 1. Open Browser then open then login to the CloudFlare interface.


Step 2. In the CloudFlare Navigate the right-hand top side click +ADD Site .


Step 3. After complete scanning, automatic website add in CloudFlare. Then click CONTINUE SETUP


Step 4. Now after continue setup Verify that all of your DNS Records are Listed below. (Leave without any changes) Click CONTINUE.

Step 5. Now Select a CloudFlare Free Plan click CONTINUE.

Step 6. After that Cloudflare give own Name Server. These name server change with your old name server with the help of domain registrar. The transfer process can take upto 24 hours. But not to worry There will be no downtime when you switch your name servers. Traffic will gracefully roll from your old name servers to the new name servers without interruption. Your site will remain available throughout the switch.


Remember that any DNS changes will incur some propagation time. This period of time before a DNS change takes place will normally occur within 24 hours.