Now we going to learn how to Reindex data for Megento web store Indexing transforms data such as products, categories, etc. to improve the performance of your web store. As data changes, the transformed data must be updated or re-indexed. Magento stores lots of merchant data (including catalog data, prices, users, stores, and so on) in many database tables. To optimize web store or Magento must re-index the price change to display it on your web store.

Re-indexing can be performed in two modes:

  1. Update on Save: index tables are updated immediately after the dictionary data is changed.
  2. Update by Schedule: index tables are updated by cron job according to the configured schedule.

Let’s Start.

Open your Magento admin panel and navigate to System > Index management. You’ll see a page, which displays the list of indexes with their descriptions.


To update one or several indexers at a time, select the checkbox next to its name and select the indexing mode from the Actions list. Then click on Submit.



Thank you for watching thinknowledge. Now you know how to re-index data and in what cases is it needed in Magento 2.x. or benefits.